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Effective Coaching fosters three maturity ingredients:

self-discovery, ownership for action and personal resilience

Typically, in most coaching scenarios, there is an immediate outcome required, something specific that needs to be worked through to enhance performance, potential and wellbeing, but the legacy of effective coaching has a lifetime benefit, particularly when it comes to the development and managing of relationships. Improving or changing something always requires a corresponding behaviour change, so the stronger the vision of what success looks like in “visible behaviour terms” the more likely success is going to be.

Our coaching work has taught us much about what helps to release potential, to face up to issues and to unblock those things that simply get in the way. The top 3 insights we can offer here to explain why we work as we do are:

Positive mind-set

That to manage change and transition successfully, it is essential to approach the situation you are in with a positive mind-set, one that is open and ‘up’ for tackling and owning what needs to be done.


That perspective is also key, whatever the situation being faced. An understanding of self and the personal scenario you are in is a useful platform from which to see how things fit together and to appraise next steps.


That whatever course of action is selected, this always requires behaviour change and the resilience to work at ‘making it happen’.